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Lynette Schuld

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings”

Claude Monet

Unique Style


A very unique style of visual texture together with strong vibrant colour can be seen in her paintings. She works in any medium from oils, acrylics, watercolours, oil pastels, soft pastels, ink, graphite, sculpture clay, charcoal and up to mix media. But her niche is painting large 1,2 m x 1 m and even bigger, oil and acrylic paintings on canvas. Her artwork gives zest, mystique, style and atmosphere to any home or office.



Lynette resides, and teaches from her studio, in Bethlehem, Eastern Free State. She is a well-known and sought after art teacher with years of experience, exceptional art knowledge, skills and natural talent. She has been teaching art for over 30 years at Primary and High Schools, and at Technical Colleges and privately. She loves to work with children as well as grown-ups, teaching them to create the most beautiful, trophy-winning, creative original art pieces including mix media.

“I love spending time painting whatever triggers my mind. I create murals, décor, graphite face drawings, abstract art and ceramics. I love combining old with new and also abstract with realism…”

I was born and raised in the beautiful Eastern Free State and during my childhood I became aware of my God-given talent for art and a growing love for the wonders of His creation. In those days there was time to play, to dream, to be creative and my imagination and creative thoughts ran wide and free. That wild, wonderful, and sometimes weird world of childhood imagination led me to the delights of creative expression through various art mediums.

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