Care and Support

CANSA supported cancer patients through their 6 939125 support groups and trained care and support 1 569 volunteers who visited and supported patients at public and11 155 private oncology unitsŸ. They counselled people at their Care Centres, welcomed individual patients to the Care HomesŸ. They facilitate Home-Based Care for patients and support volunteers as well as caregiversŸ.

This is how they fight cancer


More or less 25 Research projects at a time, conducted at universities and research organisations receive CANSA support.CANSA also does research regarding lowering the cancer risk where they examine behavioural and lifestyle risk factors including smoking, diet, exercise, sun screening habits as well as environmental carcinogens(cancer-causing substances)Ÿ.They activate established research findings on cancer risk to influence behaviour change at an individual, community and structural level.CANSA further conduct research to enhance care and support for those diagnosed with cancerŸ. Their assisted funding of 20 years research led to the discovery of a link between the Hepatitis B virus and liver cancer. A vaccine has since been developed to shrink the threat of primary liver cancer, and has been administered to South African children since 1996.

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