Misty the missing kitten got launched

Misty the missing kitten was launched this weekend by HCM Publishers, a publishing company specialising in religious publications.

Neoleene Timmins, author, said she needed to illustrate the power of prayer to younger readers and her experience with little Misty who went missing for a while created the ideal opportunity to convey this very important message. It answer kids’ most urgent question, “does prayer really help?” in a deceptively simple yet profound way and the answer is a resounding “yes”.

Recording the events in high quality prose was only half the project, finding someone who can illustrate the explosive emotions experienced by the family who feared they had lost a beloved pet was quite another. Lynette Schuld complimented beautifully Neoleene’s message by turning it into a stunningly illustrated graphic publication.

The finest children’s books have a way of exploring complex, universal themes, through elegant simplicity and breathless beauty. Misty the missing kitten surely counts among those.

On display at the event were Lynette’s art.

Amongs other books launched at the same event were A Walk with the King by Mariet du Toit; Black Leather Jacket, Anneline Pienaar; Dreams and Visions, Jeckinah Griffin and Kaalvoet, Spore en Barefoot, Eugene Marais.

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