Belgian Linen Canvas

I created Unchained on a canvas made of Belgian Linen.

Belgian Linen Canvas (its made from the fibers of the flax plant) has a natural colour and irregular weave, a texture which permeates through the layers of paint, imparting a sense of depth to the work. Linen fibres are long and springy which makes it durable, and gives it a lively feel when stretched. Specific priming methods are used to obtain a uniform surface. For an oil canvas, zinc white bound with linseed oil is used as the primer. A coat of titanium white is applied after drying. With acrylic or universal linen, two coats of titanium white are applied with an acrylic binder. Belgian Linens are highly-valued and very popular amongst artists.

The climate of western Europe (including France, Belgium, and the Netherlands) makes it ideal for growing flax. Belgium has long been known for its linen production; though it’s called Belgian linen, the term refers to linen that is grown and woven entirely in Europe (not necessarily Belgium).

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