A Girl (part two)

A Girl (part two)

This is the second part of our tutorial on how to access and train the right side of your brain.

How was this classic dichotomy born and how much truth is there to it?

This concept of brain specialization was researched by a surgeon Joseph Bogen; Robert Ornstein, author of The Psychology of Consciousness; and Roger Sperry, the psychobiologist who conducted landmark “split brain” experiments, that earned him the Nobel Prize in medicine in 1981. These award-winning experiments demonstrated significant differences in the mental capabilities of the brain’s two hemispheres. The left hemisphere was shown to be logical, analytic, quantitative, rational and verbal, whereas the right hemisphere was revealed to be conceptual, holistic, intuitive, imaginative and non-verbal. I have had students over the years who were strong left-brained who learned how to activate their right sides. It is possible with a little bit of discipline, training and practice. Believe it, you can draw!

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