Travels – 2004

Request: Karel Pieter Landman, businessman, and seasoned traveller, gathered a wealth of written text and souvenirs from all over. I had to capture his journey in one scene. He handed me his passports containing all the visas which I painted onto the spines of the books. I placed the souvenirs, from stamps to ornaments in the foreground. Through this painting one travels with him to Europe, The Middle East, Asia, Africa, really all over. (1,2m wide x 1m high)

Book Illustration – 2018

Request: Illustrate a book

Author: Neoleene Timmins

Title: Misty the missing Kitten

Publication Date: Notification to follow

Decor – 2017

A Homeowner’s request: Compliment my decor

A little boy who loved blowing bubbles

Spotting Hadedas


Armed with ideas for patterns, I created this chair.

The way forward

See the anchor, the spyglass, the ship’s steering wheel, the book of wisdom, the clock…these are all reminders to live a life according the gospel hence forth, unshackled from life’s myseries.

My girls

A mother told me how her girls played outside near the old wagon.

I have tried most of the mediums – acrylics and oils, water colours, inks, oil and soft pastels, graphite, charcoal, collage, textured mediums and mixed ones. And I’ve applied them in work that ranges from realistic, to contemporary to abstract, to quite amazing combinations of them all. The best part of all the experimenting has been my discovery that one creative journey leads to another.

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