Here we start our exploration on drawing upside down, a well-known technique with which to tap into the right side of your brain.

“You have two brains: a left and a right.

Modern brain scientists now know that your left brain is your verbal and rational brain; it thinks serially and reduces its thoughts to numbers, letters and words… Your right brain is your nonverbal and intuitive brain; it thinks in patterns, or pictures, composed of ‘whole things,’ and does not comprehend reductions, either numbers, letters, or words.” From The Fabric of Mind, by the eminent scientist and neurosurgeon, Richard Bergland. Viking Penguin, Inc., New York 1985.

Our course in studying techniques to bypass the verbal left-mode system, which, in our culture tends to dominate, that would allow the sub-dominant right-mode non-verbal system to come forward to perform a task for which it is especially suited: drawing a perceived subject will start in January 2021 in all earnest.

Herewith a demonstration in the beginners class as a taste of what is to come.


We are starting our right brain course in January next year. More information to follow soon.

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